Wednesday, July 22, 2009

iFood for thought

It surprises me how much mobile devices, like the Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Palm Pre have become such a routine part of people's lives. More than that, the applications associated with them have almost become necessities of life. Most surprisingly is the whole social aspect to cell phones. Loading mobile pictures to social networking sites like facebook, myspace and twitter is common practice. The latest use of a great application is Urbanspoon dining.

Urbanspoon is a fantastic new iPhone application that is free. It has been described as a slot machine for choosing a restaurant. For starters, the application uses the GPS built into your iPhone to determine your location. Give your iPhone a gentle shake and the application selects a location relatively close by, a type of food and a price range in three wheels that spin like a slot machine. You can lock any of the three specific preferences and shake the iPhone to make a random selection based on the variables you have locked. For instance you can choose a specific area in your neighbourhood, Italian food and a $$$ price range and it will choose from those.

After the iPhone application shows you a restaurant you can select it and get the phone number and map. It even has a selection for reviews and whether you like it or don't like it. It will show you how many people have voted on that location and what percentage liked it. Check out their website for more info.


  1. I use this iphone app and it is fantastic! Sure helps after a long day and nobody wants to make the decision where we go eat.

  2. I love this one! I got this and Cardstar on the same day :) I love learning about my phone everyday!