Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save $$$ on gas!

Does it bug you to fill up your vehicle with gas then see you could have saved a few dollars by going elsewhere? We complain when we see the same price everywhere (essentially price fixing) but we complain even more when one place rips us off more than everywhere else rips us off.

Cheap Gas is a free iPhone application that finds the cheapest gasoline near you. The app has been around for almost a year and it is a bit like a fine wine because it gets better with time - the more people that use it on a regular basis, the more up-to-date the data is.

Using the built-in GPS on your iPhone this app finds the gas stations nearest to you and displays them according to lowest price or distance from your location. It is easy to toggle between either display. If using an iPod Touch, you must enter a postal code. Select the location on your iPhone and you get a map and route displaying how to get there. If you have a local gas station that isn't already listed, you can add the details and it will be there.

This iPhone application works by having the users update the site when they see a good gas price. A quick check of my city and I find numerous locations which are last updated about three hours ago. An extra two minutes of driving and I can save $2.50 on a full tank.

The maker of this iPhone application, David Hinson, also has a few other apps. Maybe I will try out his Mood Ring application for the iPhone. With all the money I hope to save using his Cheap Gas application, I'm likely to be in a good mood!


  1. Seems like quite a good application for the iPhone. Downloaded the free version today and gave it a try. Mostly good. If I had a complaint it is that some of the sites had info that was 11 hours old and the way the gas guys do business it changes about 10 times a day. Better than nothing though.

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