Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gas mileage and calories!

We seem to have gone away from the days of seeking greater HP from our vehicles, and pursuing faster 0-60 times, in favor of getting the greatest distance per tank of fuel. Whether driving a sports car, hybrid or a typical family van, many people calculate how to achieve the best mileage. Some people use paper, calculators, spreadsheets and newer cars even do this automatically. Now there is an iPhone app that can do this and more!

The Gas Cubby is a nifty little application that tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. It will even remind you when to change your oil, which is a big improvement over that little plastic sticker reminder that most of you have at the top left corner of your windshield. Gas Cubby even allows you to customize other service reminders. The app it optimized for the iPhone and supports International units that can be shown in may different formats: MPG (US, Canada, and UK), L/100km, gal/100mi, km/L, km/g and mi/L. You can even enter multiple vehicles in the same application.

Gas Cubby shows you what mileage you are getting in an easy to read graph

The maker of Gas Cubby, AppCubby, has a few other similar apps that might also be worth checking out. The Trip Cubby is designed specifically to track mileage for tax deductions or reimbursement. It provides an easy-to-use format of tracking business vehicle expenses while on the go. The Health Cubby is a social fitness motivator. It lets you sync with other users and friends to provide a little competition, while keeping personal information, like weight, secret. Like the first application, you get charts to view your progress.

These are the kind of iPhone applications that are easy to use and practical... and definitely Kick Butt!


  1. Not a bad app. I've tracked my mileage by spreadsheet for years, but obviously the iPhone offers much more convenience.

  2. Yes, gone are they days of paper records and excel spreadsheets. The more I use this iPhone application, Gas Cubby, the more I like it and the more I pay attention to the gas mileage I get.

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