Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attention shoppers!

Have you ever counted how many cards you carry in your purse or wallet? I bet it's many! I carry some membership cards that I might only use a couple of times a year. The iPhone (as well the Android, Blackberry and Pre) have helped us replace carrying books and other tools by keeping sophisticated applications on our mobile device. Now there is an iPhone application that might help slim down the number of reward and club cards you carry.

CardStar is a free iPhone application that is a personal card manager. Using an advanced barcode display system, retailers using handheld scanner guns can retrieve your information from scanning your iPhone. Whether shopping at the pharmacy, renting a movie, getting pet food or going to the gym, you will love be able to access your reward and membership cards from your iPhone.

Mesa Dynamics, the maker of this iPhone application, is also working on making the application for the Google Android and Research in Motion's Blackberry.

Cardstar has over 200 merchants listed already and has grown very quickly since it's introduction in mid May. This is an environmentally friendly iPhone application that will makes life just a bit easier, and that seriously kicks butt!


  1. There is clearly a need for something like this!

  2. It might not be huge yet, but I think this iPhone application might be the way of the future. Saves carrying around a huge number of cards in your wallet. Now if they could do this with credit/debit cards...

  3. I have visited very few places that Cardstar is actually able to be successfully scanned. Even with a non-screen-protected iPhone 3GS. Winds up after several unsuccessful attempts I need to tell the clerk to enter in the number.

  4. Jerry, probably the biggest complaint with being the first to try something new is working out the bugs. I think these guys have a great concept and I'm sure there will be much more of this in our future. Way to go being on the leading edge!